The Best Times To Post On Social Media [Infographic]

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Best Time to Post On Social Media

Last updated on Jan 22, 2017 @ 1:55 pm

“What’s the best time to post on social media?”

It’s a question we get all the time.

The majority of people in social media, publish posts whenever they have time and mood. To have the opportunity to share information anytime, anywhere is one of social networking goals. The management of personal account of such behavior can be understood, but doing the same thing with business profile account gonna be a huge step back and money spent on communication will result in zero. Alpha team will try to explain why proper record timing of social media is so important and the best time to publish posts on different social platforms will be shown in infographic below.

At the very least, it’ll give you a good place to start.


  1. GiGi Eats says:

    So IG is only good to post on, on Mondays? lol

    • Paul Alionis says:

      No, it’s only our suggestion for BEST (not the ONLY) times but you should be posting everyday and even multiple times. This infographic is targeted more towards beginners and it’s supposed to help them make their first social media strategy.

  2. I disagree says:

    Not quite right. The time of posts depends on your target audience. If your target audience is, for example, night guards or young parents, then your given time is useless, because their primary activity on social media is at night and they see just those posts or ads when which is showing at that time.

    • This is a generic form of a best times to post on social media for people who don’t have their analytics on audience insights.

      • I disagree says:

        But you can look automatically made insights on your Facebook Bussiness page, and it is free. You see who is your audience, what part of the day, they are active, etc. There is no such thing as best time for the post. It is just a myth.

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