7 Working Ways to Make Money on Youtube

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Make Money On Youtube

Last updated on Jan 22, 2017 @ 4:00 pm

Raise your hand if you'd like to make money on YouTube.

You have experimented with YouTube for a while but other than turning on YouTube ads and earning cents from your videos, nothing else really worked.

You tried to search for information on that but no one provided you with simple and straightforward answers.

Well, good news!

Making money on YouTube doesn’t have to be that complicated. There are tons of different ways on how you could be earning some cash from your videos but we will provide you with 7 most effective ones!

If you’re ready, let’s stop wasting time and dive in.

7 ways of making money on Youtube

  1. Turn on video monetization by becoming YouTube Partner

    This is the easiest and most common way to earn some money of your YouTube videos. You just have to enable monetization on you channel's setting (Creator Studio > Channel > Monetization), upload some videos with optimized keywords, descriptions and titles, upload an eye-catching thumbnail and enable ads on all of those videos. But don't expect to make crazy money, unless your videos would go viral. And that doesn't happen too often...

  2. Promote other people's products as affiliate marketer

    This method became very popular during the last 5 years on YouTube. This is the eases ant most effective way to monetize your audience outside from earning directly from YouTube. Basically promote other people's or companies' products on your videos and leave the links in description box, annotations or cards. You will earn commissions from each sale that your referral link would generate. Although there are millions of different affiliate programs for any products that you can imagine. Promote products from Amazon or Ebay and you can join different affiliate networks like ClickBank, JvZoo, ShareASale, Commission Junction and many others.

  3. Create and promote your own products

    Other very effective way to leverage your YouTube audience is to create and promote your own products. It works best with digital products like e-bools, online courses, software and so on. But you can also sell physical products that would fit the category of your videos.

  4. Drive traffic to your blog or website

    This is a very versatile method. You just basically upload videos on Youtube, rank them on search, grow your subscribers and viewers count and drive traffic from Youtube to your website. You can do it by leaving links in description boxes, comments, annotations and cards. It's best to link them to the blog post of the similar topic that video was about. On your website there are multiple other ways to make money like e-commerce, affiliate marketing and so on. You can get more information about monetizing your blog and website here.

  5. Create sponsored videos

    Another great way to get some extra cash from YouTube is creating sponsored videos or even getting sponsorship's from brands. You simply feature a product in your videos, for example creating a review or how-to video. Then depending on your average views per video, engagement and subscriber count, you get paid by brands. You can find brands to promote on FameBit.

  6. Start a Youtube show

    This is more of an advanced ways. You would have to create and upload your YouTube show constantly. And that could require a lot of creativity, time and effort. But if your show will become popular, you can find sponsors and advertisers that would pay you to play their ads in your videos or promote them in other ways.

  7. Offer your services on your videos

    Last but not least is promoting yourself on your own videos. Depending on what you do, you could promote your services and place yourself as an authority in one field. This works best for consultants, coaches or any other professions that allows you to work from distance. The number one rule here is that you have to understand your field and be an expert.


The real secret of making money on YouTube is the quantity of quality content that you upload.

YouTube is the slow game.

It can take years to grow your audience and start making serious money. It's not recommended to upload sponsored videos too often. Don't do it because of money but do it because of passion instead. Provide valuable, helpful and entertaining content for your audience and everything will solve itself.

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