The Alpha Guide to Guest Blogging

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July 21, 2016
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Guide to Guest Blogging

Last updated on Jan 17, 2017 @ 1:39 pm

Are you looking for ways to grow your online business?

Are you interested in building your audience?

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then keep on reading.

In this article you will be introduced to another effective way to grow your online business - GUEST BLOGGING (guest posting).

What is Guest Blogging

You may have some questions now...

So guest blogging or guest posting means writing and publishing articles on someone else's websites or blogs. It is an amazing way to get your name out and connect with new readers.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Building network. If you will be a good blogger and will add value to other people's blogs, you will build relationships with them. And bloggers can be very influential on the Internet since most of them also connect with their readers on social media. Having a network of influential friends will help you to grow your online business and your influence on social media.

Increased website traffic. Another huge benefit of guest posting is getting seen by new and defined audience. If you do it right, if you add value, you are going to drive more quality traffic to your website or blog. Traffic conversion to readers and fans of guest blogging is much higher since people are already familiar with you and your content. They have visited your website because they got interested after reading your guest post.

Positioning as authority. Guest blogging can help you massively with positioning yourself as an authority in your industry. Especially if you write for most influential blogs in niches, you can instantly place yourself as one of the industry leaders.

Helps SEO. This is the last benefit of guest blogging. But it doesn't work anymore as it has worked before. Because people started taking advantage of that and started spamming guest post requests with low quality content and Google has changed its algorithm. So it will only work if you will post on very reputable websites. Host blogger has to include at least one link to your blog somewhere in the post or in the author's bio. That becomes a quality contextual backlink to your website and raises your value on search engine algorithms. That means you start ranking higher on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. More people will find your content easier and that equals to even more traffic to your online business! But don't do guest blogging for SEO!

It's obvious and you should understand now - guest blogging can be very benefitial to your online business. So let's move on to the guide that you will be able to put into practice.

The Alpha Guide to Guest Blogging

How to Find Places to Guest Post

You have to choose your guest blogging opportunities very wisely. Be aware of low quality and scam websites. These are the ones that seek only for fast profits and they don't care about providing their visitors with valuable content. It can even damage your page rank if a bunch of sites that Google considers as low reputation and spammy will refer to your website. Some of them can even post your article as their own without mentioning about your online business. I recommend to check if an owner of website is legit: has social media profiles, has clear reputation, uses his real name and so on. That way it wouldn't be worth it to deceive you. Reputation is more worthy than a piece of content.

A few years ago a lot of experts would have recommended to search “submit a guest post” on Google.

Nowadays, I warn you - don't do it. Search for industry leaders instead. Identify influentials of your or familiar niche and contact them directly. You should also check if they already submit guest posts to their blogs. If they do, good news for you.

Also take a look at most common guest bloggers in your industry. If they post on other blogs, they probably let others to guest post on their blogs. Use Google to find out if there are any other sites that they appear on as guest bloggers recently. If they are highly influential, most often they will choose only best places to guest post.

Make sure that the blogs you want to guest post fits these criteria:

  • You share same or familiar category of content.
  • The audience of the blog would be interested in your online business.
  • Previous blogs posts has many comments and shares.
  • They are active on social media.
  • They don't have negative reviews on Google and are highly reputable.
  • Owner of blog is a legit person.

Do the Homework Before Contacting

The truth is that not everyone gets their guest blogging requests accepted. It's best to get in touch with all of the best blogs in the industry and wait until any of them replies. If none of them accepts you, don't give up and keep on working on your writing style, publish more content, become an active participant in the community and try again after a few months.

It's best if they already have established any form of relationship with you - have mentioned you on their social media, listed your website or product in one of their posts or have cited you. Also they are more likely to accept you if they have announced that they are actually looking for guest writters.

Do the research of each blog that you try to apply your guest post to. Find out:

  • What type of content works best on their blog?
  • What type of audience do they write for?
  • What level of audience do they write for?
  • Did they have other guest posts before?
  • How well did other guest posts do?
  • What could you do better and stand out?

Some of the blogs have guidelines for guest posts. If they do, read them and follow closely.

Pitch them

Find their contact information or fill the forms correctly. Make every email personalized, include the name of the person you are contacting in the greeting and mention the name and address of the blog. Never try to copy-paste the same message and spam people. Show them that you have done the homework.

Some of the owners of blogs only allow other professional bloggers to publish content on their blog. Check previous guest bloggers - if all of them were bloggers (not marketers, consultants and so on), then focus on your writing skills first. They probably won't accept only money led people who would try to advertise themselves. But you can always be business owner on the side.

Introduce yourself, just don't brag too much. You can mention a few of your accomplishments but don't forget to add the referrences. Tell them why you should be a guest writter on their blog.

Of course, you should add a few links to some of your best articles published both on your own blog and other places (other blogs, LinkedIn, Medium, etc). Choose the ones that were the most informative or interesting, had the best engagement or ranked highest on search engines.

Share with them a few post ideas that you could write articles on. Don't just pitch one idea, give them ability to choose.

Close the letter and leave links to your website and main social media networks.

Submitting a Guest Blog Post

If any of high reputation authority sites are asking to submit your post on the spot or anyone has replied to you willing to give you a chance to submit a post on their blog, make sure you do a good job. While writing your content, remember one thing - it's not about you, it's about the readers. You should focus on providing value, not advertising your online business.

You should add internal links in the post if needed. That would show blog owner that you their content. The easiest way to do this is to do a Google search for intitle:keyword. That way you will find their top posts on specific keyword. Also don't forget to add link if you mention any tools, books and etc.

Finally, include call to action at the end of your guest post. It should provoke people to leave comments, share or take any other specific action like click the button.

When the post is done, create your guest bio. It should consist of brief information about you including short introduction to you, links to website and a few of your social media profiles.

When your article will be published, make sure to reply to all comments and continue the discussion. It's important to promote your guest participations yourself. Share it on your social media, that way blog owner will see your efforts and will give you more opportunities to post your content and maybe even starts promoting you.


Guest blogging is one of the best strategies to leverage other people's already existing audiences. It's an awesome way to create long lasting professional relationships with industry leaders and influencers. They give you some show time (promotion) and you give them valuable content to share with their audiences. This is a win-win situation when everyone is happy. Including readers.

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