Email Marketing Still Matters. Why? (part 2)

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Email Marketing Still Matters

Last updated on Jan 29, 2017 @ 12:31 pm

Do you want to learn more about email marketing?

Do you use full potential of your email marketing campaigns?

Have you heard about the downside of email marketing?

This is the second part of "Email Marketing Still Matters. Why?"

In the first part we started to look at relevant benefits for the choice of our digital marketing channels. We gone through some crunchy numbers and ratios and compared them with ones for social media. In this part we will focus not only on benefits, but also on disadvantages of email marketing. Every channel and platform has its own downside, as well as tips and tricks. So let’s continue your personal journey and growth as an email marketer.

Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Email marketing conversion

Email is tend to be one of the most powerful channels for converting browsing user to paying customer. As a rule and according to this source, tweet generates only 0.5% click-through rate from total recipients, comparing with 3% rate of an email campaign. In other words, someone is 6 times more likely to click-through to your website via newsletter than from tweet.

When it comes to sales, around 4.3% of visitors from email marketing buy something. It is quite big difference comparing with 2.5% of visitors from search engines and 0.6% from social media, according to survey conducted by Monetate.

Email marketing is easy to use and inexpensive

As a rule of thumb, it is not enough to have one marketing channel in your campaign. Email marketing is easy to customize and integrate into your marketing tactics. It helps to create synergy between different marketing channels which eventually increases your credibility in eyes of your audience. And of course, high level of synergy makes you look more trustworthy than competitors.

Nevertheless, email is less expensive than direct mail, radio or TV marketing, what is really useful for small business owners. The research made recently showed that 85% of US retailers prefer email marketing, since it is the most effective customer acquisition tactics.

It can be powerful tool, when ends up in creative hands of open-minded persona, so trust us — email days are not over and it will thrive as it used to.

Email marketing ethics

“Marketers ruin everything” - how many times have you heard someone saying that? Funny quote, though there is some truth in it.

To deny that, I want to highlight that even marketers have some humanity left when it comes to marketing ethics. If you are smart marketer like us, you are thinking and feeling like the crowd and going one step ahead it.

When signing up for a newsletter, subscriber confirms that he wants to get reached by a company in order to get the content. Well, it is different with the social media. All those Facebook Ads do not ask your permission to appear on the side of the screen and even though there are strict laws and regulations about spam (we will get to that later) — they do not count for paid advertisement in the social media. It is not known yet how all these marketing trends will turn around in a year or few, but one thing is for sure — email service is an open platform, not owned and controlled by anyone. As long as you follow simple rules and be creative — sky is the limit. Just try to be consistent with your branding and always try to deliver something with extra value for the most loyal followers. It is a separate interesting topic and we will discuss it more in depth in next articles about Email marketing.

Few more benefits of email marketing

Despite all advantages that were named above, few haven't been mentioned yet. While building long-term relationships, it is a great chance to demonstrate your expertise. Use consistency, knowledge, clarity and honesty.

Try to be simple. At the end of the day, these are people you are trying to approach. If you are building brand awareness, email marketing is good choice to invest your energy. But yes, it is time consuming activity, so be prepared for that. Informational footprints have to be formed over period of time, so try not to go over the roof from day one. But still, do not forget to use your brand logos and identities consistently.

An important advantage of email marketing is that you owe your email subscriber list. If you have been growing your list organically, then all subscribers gave permission to get in touch with them, as we discussed in ethics earlcier. And as you and your business is growing, so does your subscriber list as well. During the period of time you should have a solid collection of followers and these people should be valued and treated respectively since they are already in your funnel.

The idea is not to overemphasize on benefits of email marketing, showing the other side of the medal. But before we get there, one really important benefit has to be highlighted. You are allowed to edit HTML/CSS code of your email. It gives a better control over your email design and allows to create and edit templates. Social media campaigns do not provide such features leaving the design and arrangement on a very basic level.

Downside of email marketing

Like any marketing channel available, email has some pitfalls. First of all, email has a lack of personal touch, so if you want your marketing campaign to be more compelling towards you and your activities, you have to spend time having your thoughts around it.

Of course, email marketing requires consistent updating so there must be plenty of interesting and useful content ready for your readers to be sent out. You might even create several trial campaigns, but it takes time and cannot be built so easily from a scratch. When implemented into overall strategy, it saves a lot of time, but on the other hand, some extra effort has to put in, as everywhere else.

Another struggle is to get reader's attention or any kind of engagement. The focus has to be on the appearance and the responsive design. It is one of reasons why it is important to invest extra dollars into email marketing agent.

That is an extra cost, to be precise - an investment; and there is a handful of platforms online that provide email marketing services. For example, ConvertKit is one of the best platforms to do email marketing for your online business.

ConvertKit is Top Email Marketing Tool

Some of them do things better than others, so homework also needs to be done in this case. We will go through the most popular and useful tools in future articles.

And the last, but probably the biggest pain is spam. You have to be very precise, when choosing name of subject lines and avoid using some specific keywords (cash, free, buy, now, unlimited, etc) and symbols (“$”, “!” and few others). We are preparing a special article dedicated to spam, so keep your eyes open on our updates.

Hint: Try to be personal and friendly in your email messages. They cannot look as a business proposals when looking from the first sight. Leave some intrigue for the reader and make him want to open and consume your message.

We promise to provide you some knowledge about how to design your email in order to increase open and click-through rates or just simply to make your message more welcoming. We will come back to that in next articles, because it requires a bit more expertise than usual.

Round up

As we went through the most important benefits that email marketing brings along, let's just quickly round up facts from both part of this article. Email is tend to be the most consistently used digital marketing channel, with 91% users check their email at least once a day. At the moment, there are around 2.8 billion users globally, owning 1.8 accounts each. It is nearly 5 billion email addresses being on the web. Email itself as a medium is the one, which users prefer to receive promotional content to. And if you think about online consumer nowadays and their mobile habits, it is clearly obvious that majority prefer to check email on the go using available mobile device. But it is not enough, that your message gets seen by recipient. Email marketing shows highest conversion among all possible digital marketing channels, turning your email subscriber into buying customer on your website.

Furthermore, it is relatively good choice if your goal is to build brand awareness or identity. Newsletters and auto-reply messages could be a perfect place to expose your logo and other informational footprints. We could go on and on with benefits, but there is a downside of it.

Very often there is a lack of human touch, so that the message might seem cold and artificial. Despite all email marketing financial costs that grow with a number of subscribers, it is time consuming activity as well. In the beginning you will have to spend some of your precious time in order to get things on track and going.

And of course, spam… It relates back to time consumption, because you must do your homework damn' good to understand how do spam filters, keywords and algorithms work.


To get even more from this marketing channel, there are some important concepts that need to be highlighted beforehand. Email personalization is a good idea to start with. This kind of tactic is not so widely used, since only 40% of online retailers send personalized emails. In our eyes there is no logical explanation for that, because personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

As you will notice through your personal journey, there is plenty of potential in various tools and channels, that are not utilised efficiently.

As a successful marketer, you already know, that it is important to use more than a few marketing channels so that there is synergy and repetitive brand or product proposal towards the consumer. So why not to play around a bit with available tools and experiment with different tactics?

If your goal is to increase email click-through-rate — segmented and personalized emails can help you do that in more than 760%. If you are aiming for building up trust and long-term relationship — you can bring that to the next level by email personalization and more than a half experienced marketers claim it to be powerful method. It increases customer engagement and can bring more professional tone to your communication.

When you are set up and going, these segmented personalized emails can generate up to 58% of your total revenue, so you should really consider about reviewing your email marketing strategy.

Have you got any experience with personalized and segmented emails in your business? What struggles and obstacles have you gone through on your way? Please share your thoughts in comments!

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