Linkedin Marketing Strategy for 2017

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy 2017

Last updated on Feb 4, 2017 @ 8:04 am

Are you struggling to target your B2B customers?

Do you want to expand your professional network?

Would you like to position yourself as an industry expert?

These days almost everyone has their profile here. All industry professionals, experts, recruiters and average joes that are looking for new opportunities. If you are not there, you're completely missing out.

Yes, we are talking about LinkedIn!

Why should you be using LinkedIn marketing

Almost any business (and especially online businesses) can get a tremendous success from LinkedIn marketing.

Here are the main benefits that LinkedIn might offer you:

  1. Having a showroom that focuses on your professional features;
  2. Gaining wider exposure for your brand;
  3. Generating publicity for your business through media outlets;
  4. Connecting with like-minded people;
  5. Recruiting candidates for open job positions (or looking for a new job yourself);
  6. Positioning yourself as an industry leader;
  7. Improving your search engine rankings;
  8. Gaining new leads;

Pretty impressive?

I think so too... Another thing that must be mentioned when talking about LinkedIn marketing is that it is best for B2B (business-to-business) rather than B2C (business-to-consumer) companies. Social media marketing industry report of 2016 showed a clear LinkedIn dominance of B2B sector.

But it's not enough just to be on LinkedIn. In order to get full benefits from marketing on LinkedIn, you have to play it smart. This article will give you a complete strategy for successful LinkedIn marketing in 2017.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for 2017

Great results require great effort - you should have known that already. Same applies to LinkedIn marketing, you will have to be proactive in order to shine through the crowd. Let's start with most important and easiest steps and then we will move on to more complex strategies.

Complete your personal profile

Completing your personal profile is the first thing that you have to do on LinkedIn. It's very easy - you just have to follow and answer what they are asking for: summary, working experience, certificated, publications, skills, education and so on.

While filling up your profile, keep in mind about optimizing it for specific keywords. You got me right, LinkedIn, just like Google, is another search engine. Just choose a few specific keywords (the more specific, the better) like environmental engineer (not just engineer) and try to mention it at least a few times in these sections: title, summary, job titles and descriptions and skills. That way you will instantly be optimized to rank higher on LinkedIn search while searching for these keywords.

Good profile picture is a must to make a good first impression on LinkedIn. Depending on what you do and what your niche is, dress up nicely, smile slightly, relax and ask a friend (or a professional photographer) to take a portrait photo of you. There shouldn't be anyone else in the photo - just you.

You should also add as much rich visual content as possible: portfolios, videos, links to websites, presentations and so on.

Extra tip: claim a custom URL that would include your full name (for example: It helps your LinkedIn profile to rank higher on Google when searching for your name.

Join groups and stay active

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn has discussion groups. They are more targeted to professionals, so keep that in mind while participating in these groups you just joined. Better to focus on smaller and local groups but you can also join bigger international groups that are full of like-minded people from all over the world. It's not enough to just join them - you have to be active: discuss, share useful content, help others and add value. That way you will position yourself as an authority and start getting more and more attention.

Create your own group

Another option you have is to create your own group. You have to stay even more active in your own group than in others.

Extra tip: join other discussion groups similar or related to yours, stay active, connect with as many members as possible (through members section) and invite them to join your group.

Active company page

LinkedIn also allows you to create your company page. It's a good oportunity to expose your business to new audiences and collect leads. You can create a Showcase page where you can share your best works and content and drive more engagement that way.

Get as many employees involved as possible

If you will have more employees of your company promoting it, it will accelerate your LinkedIn marketing strategy even more. Ask them to share content from your blog, get involved into discussion groups and stay ative on your company page.

Sharing content

It was already mentioned above but in this step of marketing strategy we have to go a bit into details. You have two main options: status updates and long form content.

Best way is to post a few (2-3) status updates per day and 1-2 long form content pieces per week.

Status updates can be anything from videos, links, thoughts or anything else that your target audience might be interested in.

Long form content is simply articles from length of 500 words. The more detailed and valuable, the better. Also the topic should be relevant for your target potential or existing clients or customers.

Sponsored content

Like any other social media platform, LinkedIn gives you ability to promote your content even more and reach wider audiences you wouldn't reach without sponsoring your content. Just make sure to only sponsor the best content and game-changing updates. It's best to sponsor content that is already doing well without advertising. Also make sure to do the targeting right, so that you'd reach people who are really interested in what you share.

Display ads

If you can afford investing some money into social media advertising (and you should) then displaying ads is an awesome option for you. You can target large groups of professionals very precisely and show them ads of your company's website.


Well, you have no excuses anymore... You know what you have to do in order to fully leverage LinkedIn marketing strategy and attract new audiences. LinkedIn became one of the top marketing tools for targeting highly professional people with higher than average incomes. If you haven't already, make sure to include this into overall online marketing strategy of your business.

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  1. Susan Landry says:

    I started a Linked In account years ago, but haven’t done anything with it. This was beneficial for me to read to catch up with what’s going on there, and to reconsider utilizing that resource. Thanks!

  2. LinkedIn groups are so powerful when you’re trying to network or establish your level of expertise. I also recommend people to include volunteer experience that is related to either their current job or a career they want. Just because it was an unpaid position, doesn’t mean it’s less valuable or relevant to your profile. It also shows that you’re civiv minded.

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