Marketing Automation, Online Business Systemization and Expansion

The sixth stage...

Marketing automation, systemation and expansion of your online business.

If you have gone this far...

If you took the notes and have done at least half of the things that we told you...

You should be making some money online already.

If you're not then go back to the previous stages and look for what you haven't implemented yet.

Because for this stage you are going to need some money. This step is not for everyone. This is only for entrepreneurs that already have working online businesses and stable cash flow.

Money makes money, right?

All the way until stage, you were probably doing everything by yourself. That's called being SOLOPRENEUR. Some of you had small teams working on your internet business. That's even better.

Now you have the money and your biggest headache is how to make more money...

How to expand your online business...

How to automate the processes...

And how to put systems in place.

Luckily you have Alpha Online Business because we're about to show you something.

Let me ask you:

How much does your hour cost? Write down the number.

Next question:

What is the most important thing that has the biggest impact on your digital business?

That would probably be creating content and products, for example videos or audios. Or maybe managing the team? That's why you have to do marketing automation, systemize your online business, focus on most important task and expand your online business into internet empire!


What if I told you that you can outsource all the less important stuff that you have to deal with on the daily basis. Customer support, social media management, video editing, accounting, graphic design, video transcribing and lots of more things that you have to do depending on your online business model. You can find someone to do all that for you and you will create more time for the most important tasks that only you can do. You will look at your online business from the side and manage it. That way you will be more focused and more productive. And your online business will start growing like on yeast.

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Marketing automation and Systematization

Also you can just look at all the tools and ways to do marketing automation to systemize and automate the current processes that are happening in your internet business at the moment. You can put some systems that will make your and your team's work a lot easier. Sometimes you have to hire someone to create a marketing automation system for you but in most cases you will be able to find something that is already created. Your clients and customers will be even more satisfied - so it's worth it. You just have to put some systems in place and enjoy looking at your bank account or PayPal statement.

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Marketing automation, systemization and expansion — DONE!

You will be a happy man after completing this stage.

Now starts the fun part — entrepreneurial lifestyle and spending your money!

(not all at once of course)