Online Business Strategy and Research

Welcome to the first stage — Online Business Strategy and Setup. This stage is also called the foundation stage. That's where you set the foundation to your online business. You will make decisions that will influence your internet business through all later stages.

So in this stage we have to come up with online business idea, name, profitable (or new / unfilled) niche or problem and a brief solution to that problem and finally, list of competitors + their advantages and weak points. From the competitor research we will have to evaluate our business idea and our strongest points. (How could we differentiate from competitors?)

  • Business Idea and Name

  • Profitable Niche

  • Solution to Problem

  • List of Competitors

Our most useful articles about business ideas and names:

Our most useful articles about business niches:

After that we have to create our business plan which will include online business strategy for marketing, monetization and growth. We are recommending to go through all 7 stages of online business and find as many different methods and techniques that you could include into your business strategy strategy, at the same time taking some notes to be sure you don't miss anything.

Don't forget to go back to the first stage again and write out your business strategy on paper or at least to word document. Having your business plan and business strategy in one place is very important because without plan it's much harder to achieve your goal.

SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLANS FOR EVERYTHING because nothing ain't gonna happen if you will just read all the material on Alpha Online Business and go to the next source of information. People who do that are information junkies. They know it all but they have nothing to show. The ones who focus on one thing are the ones who succeed online.

But don't miss all the opportunities that will come to you. You cannot plan those. You have to constantly update your business plan because situations and market changes very fast, especially when your online business grows to a point that it become authority.

So now that you are ready and committed, let's move to the next stage "Platform development and setup"