Online Marketing for Traffic and Brand Awareness

Now that we have our strategy and setup done, we need to do some online marketing for traffic and brand awareness. You need someone to come to your candy shop in order to make some sales, right? Traffic is like blood for online businesses. If nobody knows about it then it's dead. So you have to position yourself on the internet. In other words, you have to do some online marketing.

There are three main sources of traffic - natural, paid and exchanged. Natural traffic is free and usually it's more steady. It's amazing to have natural traffic sources but oh boy, it takes some time, skills and constant work to get it. On the other hand, paid traffic is easy but... well, you have to pay for it.

  • Organic Traffic

  • Paid Traffic

  • Exchanged Traffic

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic sources includes SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, podcasting and so on. The main task is to provide value upfront, so that your visitors will feel thankful and familiar with you. If you have the right CTA (call to action), you can leverage organic traffic sources, start long lasting relationships with your visitors and convert them into raving fans.

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Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is basically buying ads. You can advertise on social media which can offer you very targeted traffic. You can buy banner or pop-up ads which is not as targeted and less valuable. You can use Google Adwords to position yourself higher on Google which can be very effective. And there are dozens of other methods of paid traffic that you could benefit from.

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Exchanging Traffic

The third one is exchanging traffic. The best way to do it is collaborations. Find someone that is in your niche and high profile. All you have to do is contact them and offer to collaborate or exchange ads. Basically, you promote other project to your audience and then they do the same in exchange. It's called cross promotion. You can also provide services and get traffic to your online business for that. One of examples is guest blogging. Email swipes is another great example of exchanged traffic.

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It's best to have all of these three types of traffic combined. That's how you really start getting results from your online marketing efforts. The most of your time you should spend generating organic traffic sources. Paid traffic can be converted to organic traffic once your visitors get hooked on your amazing and helpful content. And collaborations is just a great way to network with industry leaders and easily attract new audience.

But wait! What about brand awareness?! Well, we basically just covered that too. Brand awareness is very important at the early stages of online business. It's becoming recognizable by your target audience. They may not instantly become your raving fans but they will be aware of your existance. And once they will face a problem, have some free time or need for product that you offer... BOOM! You will pop in their mind.

Are we ready to move on? If no, you better read it all again. If yes, let's do it!