5 Paid Traffic Sources for Online Business

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July 12, 2016
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Paid Traffic Sources for Online Business

Last updated on Jan 17, 2017 @ 2:09 pm

Traffic is like food and water for your online business.

Without traffic your project won't grow and will die after some time.

The great thing is that you can always buy some food and something to drink...

The same goes for traffic.

Of course, you can drive some organic sources of traffic to your website, but you can also add paid traffic sources. Learning to leverage paid traffic sources can be one of the most influential decisions for the marketing of your online business.

There are lots of different paid traffic sources and it might be hard for you to choose what you could use to drive some attention to your page. The truth is that not everything will fit everyone. In some cases, you might have success with one traffic source while others would fail. And that's because audience is engaged in a different way in each traffic source.

In this article we are giving you 5 paid traffic sources to promote your online business. Let's see what works!

5 Paid Sources of Traffic

1. Google Adwords

Pros: Everyone uses Google. So it has tons of traffic. More than 70 percent of of all searches on internet is done on Google. Also there are great tools and ways to optimize your campaigns to get better ROI. You can focus on keywords that are most related to your online business. And one of the best strategies of internet marketing is to find a great conversion that works and brings positive income and then scale it. Google Adwords is perfect for that.

Cons: Because of the huge number of Google Adwords users, the prices for one click can be ridiculously expensive. In more competitive industries price per click can be as high as $100. Also there are lots of rules that you have to follow. Google is very picky. They can suspend your campaign if you will do something wrong according to them.

So Google Adwords is not for beginners anymore. You can waste your money very quickly if you don't know how to do it properly. But there are huge opportunities to use this method for massively scalling your business. No surprise that it requires some serious investments.

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2. Facebook

Pros: Facebook is second most popular website in the world. After Google of course. They are competing all the time. So just like on Google, you can scale up your advertising campaigns like crazy. If you have the money, millions can get to know you. Probably the biggest advantage of running ads on Facebook is demographical targeting which allows you to target audiences that already have showed interested in your industry or similar projects.

Cons: It's not cheap. And it doesn't get any cheaper. And you have to update your ads to make sure it's fresh and worth checking.

Buying traffic from Facebook can cost you a lot of money and also time. It requires constant management. But if you find something that works, you can scale it and grow your online business very fast.

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3. Youtube

Pros: Youtube is second largest search engine in the world. After Google... And Google owns Youtube. Such a monopoly... But the great thing is that Youtube ads are still relatively cheap.

Cons: Most of the paid traffic won't watch more half of minute of your videos. People tend to jump from one content to another on Youtube.

Paid traffic from Youtube is very different than others. People will expect to see video content. So if you are not familiar with making videos, you shouldn't do paid advertising on Youtube.

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4. LinkedIn

Pros: LinkedIn is such a wonderful platform for B2B. Just like other social media networds, LinkedIn has great possibilities of  demographical targeting. For some of the niches, traffic is very high quality.

Cons: It can be very expensive as well.

For most of the situations, LinkedIn will be too expensive to run profitable campaigns. But if you are running B2B company or agency then it will be a perfect tool for you.

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5. Pop up ads

Pros: It is one of the cheapest ways to do paid advertising for your online business. You can drive both desctop and mobile traffic. It can be as cheap as $1 per 1000 pop ups, so this is the great way to do some cheap paid advertising.

Cons: The quality of traffic is very low. Most of the time people don't trust pop ups because it annoys them and mostly scammers use it. Also you will have to compete with many other competitors.

If your page has the offer that is very simple to complete, you should be doing well with Pop up ads. This is one of the cheapest ways to drive fast but not high quality traffic to your internet business' website.

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Online business is not a rocket science – almost anyone can learn it if they really want to.

If you will leverage paid traffic sources in addition with working on natural / organic ones, you will win the internet.

With paid advertising you can drive a lot of traffic to your website instantly. If you have big budget, you are in advantage of your competitors. It's one of the best strategies for new online businesses because it can be very hard to attract visitors the natural way at first.

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