Online Platform Development and Setup

This is the stage when you need to start taking real action. There's no room for procrastination anymore, shit needs to get done.

This is when you start building your online business platform - your space on the internet. There are 6 types of websites that you can make money online from:

  1. Authority Site
  2. Niche Blog
  3. Membership Site
  4. Landing Page
  5. E-commerce Site
  6. Personal Brand Website

You have to choose one that would fit your internet business model the most.

Authority Site

Authority site is usually a big portal that drives lots of traffic by posting useful or eye-catching articles. Websites like news portals fall into this category. The main source of revenue is advertising on website. Most of the time it takes a bit more human resources to run a successful authority site. So you shouldn't do it all alone...


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Niche Blog

Niche blog is one of the most common and most effective types of websites that an ordinary person can leverage. The more specific the niche - the easier it is to target and start a relationship with the right audience. The most common ways to make money with niche blogs are affiliate marketing, selling info products and ads on page.


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Membership Site

Membership sites are a great way to productize your knowledge. Keep in mind that it's important to have an expertise in something in order to be able to provide valuable information that people would pay for. You can either have one-time or recurring payment for your membership site.


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Landing Page

Landing pages became a very popular form of websites. It's clean, simple and the most important - it sells. The main task of landing pages is lead generation. You can give something for free in exchange of person's email address (that you will use in the future), redirect to affiliate link or sell your own stuff. And with tools like ClickFunnels, anyone can create beautiful landing pages in just a matter of minutes. Even your grandma could.


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E-commerce Site

E-commerce sites are the most money-oriented websites out there. The main purpose of those is of course to sell. In other words, we are talking about e-shops. It goes a lot into this one, you can use e-commerce sites for many different internet business models and with services like Shopify you can create these without any serious design or development skills.


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Personal Brand Website

Personal brand websites represents a person as a professional. You can tell your story, offer services, show your portfolio, post on blog and so on. One of the most common reasons of having personal brand site is placing yourself as an authority. It's highly recommended to register a domain of your name. Just in case.


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You can choose one of the 6 types or mix them together. For example, you could have a personal brand website, write a blog about specific niche and sell your products on shop. And you can do it all on Wordpress platform. For some cases you will need to use a few plugins (in this case WooCommerce for e-shop).

Platform development and setup takes up a lot of work and finances. It includes web development, design, email marketing setup, creation of all required social media accounts and so on. The good thing is that you only have to do it once and maybe to update it once in a while. If you are not familiar with any of that, we highly recommend to outsource this. There are many freelancers on Fiverr or Freelancer that will do everything for you. You can also take a look at agencies like Alpha Online Business agency for more professional outcome.

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