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July 17, 2016
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July 19, 2016
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Top 20 Online Consulting Business Ideas

Last updated on Jan 17, 2017 @ 2:29 pm

Have you ever thought about starting online consulting?

Maybe you already do that without even realising?

Are you confident enough to share advice?

There are lots of people who are total experts in their fields. They give away tons of practical advices everyday without even realising. Nevertheless, they don't feel confident enough to start charging consulting fees. They don't think that they have enough knowledge and experience to officially start their careers as online consultants. What a pity...

Online consulting is one of the best ways to make some extra cash on the side. Also it is one of the best ways to provide yourself with full-time income. It all depends on how good of a consultant you are and how much do you promote yourself. Hourly consulting fees are usually much higher than hourly wages in the same field. You can consult people from home or wherever you want to be, you just need to have laptop (in some cases just phone) and internet connection. Online consulting is perfectly suitable for people who are interested in modern ways of living like digital nomads and internet entrepreneurs.

Check out our article on how to start an online consulting business to learn more.

Even though you can start online consulting in almost any field that you want, we are providing you with top 20 fields on online consulting.

Top 20 Online Consulting Businesses

  1. Copywriting. There are only a very few people who can write a good sales copy. If you can help businesses with writing texts that sells, you're a winner!

  2. Design. Visual looks became a very important aspect of almost every part of business. Very often a professional look from the side is needed.

  3. Accounting. Every business needs accounting. It can sometimes get very complicated, so accounting consultants help businesses with their finances.

  4. User experience. UX and UI (user interface) consultants helps to design best experiences for clients and customers possible.

  5. Parenting. Many parents are facing problems while raising children. They need someone to answer their questions and advice on growing kids.

  6. Business. If you can help to increase profit, you are able to solve the main problem that businesses have.

  7. IT / Computers. From software to hardware and everything in between. IT/Computer consultants are highly demanded.

  8. Marketing. If you can help developing marketing strategies and have many ideas on how to promote businesses, you should definitely try marketing cosulting.

  9. Taxes. A tax consultant advices businesses on legal ways of paying the least amounts of taxes possible.

  10. Advertising. Consultants like these are hired to help to run advertising campaigns.

  11. Communication. Communication consultants helps companies and their employees to communicate with each other more efficiently.

  12. Wedding. Couples often have questions and need help on how to organize their biggest event of their lifes.

  13. Public relations. Many businesses value their PR consultants who help then with their media and press presence.

  14. Gardening. Not only companies are hiring gardening consultants, but also regular people who don't have any previous experience or simply don't have the feeling of how their garden should look like.

  15. Career. More and more people are finding themselves unsatisfied with their jobs and professions. Career consutants helps to reorientate and guide people into a profession or job that will make them feel happy and productive.

  16. Launch. There are marketing and business consultants who only specializes at project or product launches.

  17. Human resources. These type of consultants helps businesses with hiring and other people problems. They are usually hired by big corporations which can't solve these problems themselves.

  18. Publishing. A publishing consultant helps to publish books, launch newspapers, magazines, newsletters and so on.

  19. Insurance. An insurance consultant helps to choose the best plans and pricing for insurance.

  20. Relationship. These types of consultants helps people by consulting them about dating and marriage.


Just some ideas for people who doesn't know what type of consultants they could be. Don't forget that you should have more knowledge and expertise in your field than an average worker.

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