Website Optimization for Growth

So now you should have some traffic to your online business and some social media following. Also you have a product that you can offer to your visitors. Or at least you have any way to monetize the audience of your digital business...

What's next?

Let's make your sales funnel as efficient as it's possible!

It's called website optimization for growth and if you won't do it, you will lose a much higher percentage of sales that you could ideally collect.


Analytics is the data that you collect from your online business. So first of all, you have to track everything. If it's not trackable - it's not scalable. You have to know all the statistics: ROI (return of investment), conversion rates of your sales funnel and all the other charts that you could use for website optimization of your conversions. One of the best tools for that is Google Analytics. And it's completely free! So you have no excuses...

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A/B Testing

When you will have some statistics of what's happening on your website, it will be a lot easier to decide what has to be changed. The best way is to TEST IT. A/B testing can help you to decide what works and what doesn't. For example: if the red button sells better than the fancy looking blue one, then do you still have questions which one to choose? That's how testing works and that's how any serious online business should be operating. Your opinion doesn't matter there... Your visitors and customers opinions does!

Our most useful articles about a/b testing:

It will take some time to collect all the necessary data. Werbsite optimization is done over time and is done constantly, so you will have to be patient. Just make sure that you're doing enough of marketing and advertising to drive stable traffic to your internet business website. So both online marketing and website optimization are long term processes when you have to keep on track in order to survive.

We got pretty far and if you're still keeping up with this, you have much higher chance of success. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE IMPLEMENTING WHAT YOU JUST LEARNED because if you will just skip it and go look for another, maybe faster, way of how to be successful online... YOU WILL BE JUST ANOTHER INFORMATION JUNKIE that knows it all but does nothing.

And these are the most annoying ones.

But I believe that you're different. Now let's take this online business to the next level!